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Norway vs Panama

Norway VS Panama

Norway host Panama in a friendly match in Oslo, Norway at Ullevaal Stadium.

Norway under Lars Lagerback since 2017 have got a new vision, new style and the results steadily started to come and I expect something better in the next Euro qualifications, why not to qualify. They were in big crisis and there was no doubt that they were almost at the same level with the poorest Scandinavian country as a current form- Finland. Countries like Sweden, Denmark, even Iceland were so far in front of them as results, but what happened when the coach of Iceland national team during Euro 2016 took them in the start of 2017. Maybe he will write another golden story this time with Norway national team..

Norway results during 2018 in friendly matches are just perfect- 3 matches/3 wins against Australia, Albania and Iceland. A few days ago they succeeded to beat world cup participants like Iceland in Reykjavik with 3:2, which was a little bit surprising for me. I expected BTTS, but I thought Iceland have more attacking power. Infact Norway were feeling so good during the match, created many goal chances and scored 3 times. If I have to be honest both teams second goals were goalkeeper’s mistakes but that’s also part of the game. And Norway did that without important midfielders like Jo Inge Berget and Mohamed Elyounoussi, together with the Olympiacos defender Omar Elabdellaoui. They will be without them but it’s expected to start the match with the forward players who made the comeback against Iceland- Joshua King and Alexander Sorloth.

Panama have played a lot of friendlies since October 2017 and most of the opponents were chosen wisely, typical to the opponents in the WC group they are part of in Russia. They are together with England, Belgium and Tunisia. OK, they played in Europe with Switzerland which can be compared to Belgium as the countries are closer and have balances team in all positions, although Belgium attack looks sharper, but they know what to expect by Belgium after they were beaten badly 6:0 by the Swiss. Expectations are that they have to play at least with 6/7 players behind to lose with minimum goals- they won’t have chances against them in the world cup game, I’m confident about that. They also faced two British countries like Wales and Northern Ireland and they got two draw- 1:1 against Wales, although it was more because of the luck, cause Welsh team was much better during the game and 0:0 a few day ago in Panama against Northern Ireland. I really don’t know why they chose to play friendlies with teams like Denmark or Norway when you don’t have such team in your group with tall and strong players like Scandinavians or even the hosts of Russia. They will face Tunisia and it’s highly expected these two countries to be eliminated and England and Belgium to progress. I don’t know why they don’t do their best to organize a friendly with African team like Egypt for example- they play a lot of friendlies these days. It would be much more useful for them and the coach, anyway.. In comparison with that they chose to play one match in Europe before the start of the WC in Russia and it will be against Norway. Well, they lost to Denmark 1:0, I expect something like that to happen in Oslo. Without some important players in the midfield in Norway’s national team and with the defensive tactic Panama use all the time 5-4-1 ot 4-1-4-1, I don’t see much goals here.

Panama’s coach will make a few rotations in comparison with the team against Northern Ireland and maybe most of their players will be also tired of the long distance they travelled from Panama to Norway. I loved a pick I wanted to post a few days ago and it was Norway to win and under 3.5 goals in bet365. The odds were fantastic- 2.30, but now it is changed to Norway+ under/over 2.5 goals, which is much riskier for me. I still think Panama won’t score in Norway and it will finish 1:0 or 2:0 for the hosts. but Norway win and under 3.5 goals gave me much more confidence if Panama somehow succeeded to score or Norway win this with classical result. Now I see two options- Norway to win ot Norway to win+BTTS-NO. I will prefer the first one with odds like 1.65 in bet365 and 1.68 in Pinnacle at this time, maybe they will continue to drop. This game won’t be so open like the one in Reykjavik, so the expectation of Sorloth and King to start in attack gives me much more confidence Norway will break Panama’s defensive line at least one time, which can be absolutely enough, if Panama’s players don’t score tomorrow.

Pick:Over 2.5
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 06-06-18 19:00
WORLD: Friendly International


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