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Örebro vs Hammarby

Orebro VS Hammarby

Orebro seem to have upped their game this season though many say they are overperforming. So far they are placed 3`th with 15 points with a game at hand. They have won at home against Dalkurd 3:2 while other opponents were strong and those draws against Norrkoping and Aik well deserved. With a couple of away wins against Ostersunds, Sirus and Trelleborg Orebro really started the season well.
They did have big problems against newcomers Dalkurd in the last home match trailing 0:2 till the last 10 minutes. But the team showed determination and dug themselves out scoring from 3 set pieces and won the game. The attacker Igboananike scored 4 goals in the last 2 matches and his contribution to this team has long been awaited. If he can continue the same way Orebro has great potential in attack. Added by the scintialting midfielder Besara Orebro can be a real threat to the leaders Hammarby. As Hammarby Orebro is undefetead with 4-3-0 so far. They have scored at least 2 goals in 4 of their last 5 matches and with certain players in good mood I see them scoring again.

Hammarby is not among the strong teams so their performance so far is exceptional. They are the leaders with 19 points and 6-1-0. They also look very capable in the scoring department netting in 19 goals in 7 matches. For a team finishing 9`th last season it couldn`t have started better. They made some smart purchases and now their team has proper width to deal with situations. Some players like midfielder Hamad (5) and scorer Dibba(6) look unstopable in front of goal but they are not the only threat. You have very capable Djurcic with 3 goals, Tankovic 2 goals, Khalili 2 goals. Hammarby has escalated in their home match against Sundsvall scoring 4 goals early on but almost lived to regret it taking it slowly in second half. The game finished 4:3 and not for the first time Hammarby has shown defensive lapses. But when the attack is so potent and working it won`t matter. Hammarby has scored 2 or more goals in all of their matches so far. Borges, Zengin and Kennedy are out for the visitors but they will probably field the same lineup as the last time.

H2h says this game will have over 2.5 goals as was the case in 7 of the last 8 matches. With the form of the two I can`t see how it wouldn`t.

Pick:Over 2.5
Stake: 9 / 10
Date: 13-05-18 17:30
SWEDEN: Allsvenskan

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